Urban Development

What‘s our city supposed to look like? How do we want to live? To answer questions like these and have a real impact on peoples living conditions and surroundings, we are working together with citizens on concepts of urban development. From planning to realizing, our interdisciplinary work with externs and experts ensures profound and sustainable results. We focus on reframing and redesigning spaces, by which means we also can and want to highlight social imbalances. Every part of the town, living space and street is different. We adjust our work, goals and methods to the people and places we act with and always place importance on the integral inclusion of inhabitants and users of urban spaces.

Most of our references are in German, but feel free to contact us anytime for further details in English.


As a contribution to „future city“ competition, ha:neo represents the work of Freiraumgalerie as one actor in a complex network of many. In the quarter of Halle-Neustadt, one of the GDR‘s most important housing projects, we organize murals and workshops with the inhabitants and local players. Furthermore, ha:neo draws on Halle-Neustadt‘s tradition of urban planning and art history.

Project review ha:neo 2017
Video ha:neo 2017
Video ha:neo 2016

Quartierskonzept Freiimfelde

In Freiimfelde the city of Halle (Saale) ventured a pilot project by commissioning us with the organization of a civic quarter concept. Thereby the city acknowledges the neglected quarter‘s need for perspectives as well as the local engagement. We moderate the process, while locals take responsibility for their quarter by elaborating contents and measures by theirselves or together with experts. From the first ideas to the final concept – that is participative urban development for sure!

Quarter concept (Short version)
Quarter concept

Halle Freiimfelde

The formerly emptiest quarter of Germany develops into a colourful and self-determined part of town. Impulses are given by urban art festivals, culture and education, networking and the establishment of ateliers and workshops. Freiimfelde is history in the making.

Project review 2012 - 2014

Die Brache

Abandoned property, beginning civic engagement, real estate speculation and even more engagement – after years of work in the quarter and together with the people of Freiimfelde, the city of Halle (Saale) and the Montag Stiftung Urbane Räume, we are capable of securing the most important space of the quarter. A brownfield of 6000 square meters becomes an open and creative park for the people.

Documentary 2013 - 2016
Urban Neighborhood Freiimfelde

Silver Heights

In summer of 2018, together with artist BOND TruLuv and Bauverein Halle & Leuna eG, we organize our first mural in Halle-Silberhöhe (Silver Heights), an often problematic part of town. Additional to the modern wall painting we also design a map of the quarter, for which we have asked inhabitants for the nicest places worthy to be awarded.

Silver for Silver Heights MAP
Video Mural