Urban Science

Parallel to our practical work, we document and evaluate the potentials of urban art and muralism for urban development. Vital to our scientific work are the transformation of space by public art as well as the establishment of methods to engage citizens to a self-reliant design of their surrounding. Based on our researches, we elaborate communal concepts of spatial development and benefit from interdisciplinary cooperation with local and international experts.

Most of our references are in German, but feel free to contact us anytime for further details in English.

Presentations & seminars

Within presentations and seminars, we share our experiences on urban art, urban education and the creative development of quarters and cities. Every member contributes another expertise and facet to the team.

Presentations & seminars until now

Wall & Space

In 2017 Freiraumgalerie brings a network of international artists, scientists and urban planners into being. Together we want to shake up the usual interpretation of vertical and horizontal space and work with its interactions.


As a competition entry for ARCH+ journal for architecture and urbanism, we look at the diverse European scene of urban art festivals and projects. Thereby, we make out trends, new contents and the potential of a contemporary approach to murals as a bottom-up instrument for urban development.



This unique catalogue of facades is probably the world‘s biggest census of potentially designable wall spaces. Population loss and decay have left clear imprints on the city of Halle (Saale) and reveal an enormous potential of gable walls. For MURO we classified 1318 walls street by street throughout big parts of Halle.

MURO (short Version)

Scientific work

Through our scientific concepts and projects, we not only want to participate in international discourses of art and urban planning, but also promote the transferability of positive effects to other quarters and cities.